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Project American Life: A Camp Where America's Founding Principles Come To Life

Project American Life Forms

Below are links to necessary Project American Life forms, as well as helpful information sheets that can be printed and distributed to students and parents. Each student who attends Project American Life will need to have a "Registration Form" on file with the Project American Life nurse. Additionally, an editable version of the "Parent Information Sheet" is available upon request, so that you may add in information specific to your school's visit.

documentRegistration Form
documentSupply List
documentParent Information Sheet
documentMedication Prescriber / Parent Authorization Form

If your child is attending Project American Life with his or her school, you should receive information and forms directly from the school. If you did not receive the information or have misplaced it, feel free to print any forms or information sheets that you may need. Please be aware that your school may require additional forms other than the ones found here. All forms should be turned into the school, and not sent directly to Project American Life.

Project American Life Forms