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Project American Life: A Camp Where America's Founding Principles Come To Life

What Will They Learn At Project American Life?

What Will They Learn At Project American Life?

The Project American Life curriculum, centered upon the founding principles contained in the Declaration of Independence, uses exciting hands-on, minds-on activities to instill the simple, yet profound, idea that all human beings have equal worth and that everyone has certain inherent rights– the right to life and liberty and the right to pursue one’s greatest dreams.  The challenging and personal nature of the program fosters significant learning and individual growth.  Students develop a true appreciation of what it means to be an American and an understanding of their responsibilities as citizens. They also learn the how and why American history is relevant to them as individuals.  Students leave P.A.L. inspired to follow in the footsteps of our founding fathers with a deep sense of gratitude, personal and civic responsibility, and personal purpose.

Project American Life Structure
Throughout the week, students are in small learning groups under the supervision of a P.A.L. instructor, leaving visiting teachers and chaperones free to participate as much, or as little, as they would like.  Students are genuinely challenged, both intellectually and emotionally, by the activities in which they participate with each day focusing on a different core question as well as core virtues:

Day One - Who am I?
Students learn that their value is not in what they have, but who they are as individuals. 

Day Two- What am I?
Students discover there are unique gifts and responsibilities that are an inherent part of being a human being.

Day Three - Where am I?
Students examine what it means to live in America as well as their greater place in society.

Day Four - Why am I?
The final day is a culmination of the previous days’ questions, asking the ultimate question of “What is my purpose, and how do I achieve it?”

Children are inspired when they realize they have great personal value and are a part of something bigger than themselves. Project American Life believes an inspired child equipped with knowledge, courage and commitment can truly make a difference in the world.

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What Will They Learn At Project American Life?
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